media myths

Exploding a media myth

The myth about media relations is that by influencing journalists you can control the issue.

But targeting the media is a bit like treating the symptoms rather than the disease.

The key to issue management is building relationships with stakeholders.  This is even more the case in the world of Twitter and Facebook where opinions fly thick and fast and the media's influence, while still strong, has faded in the midst of the crowd.  Just take a look at what is occurring in the Middle East: While guns and bombs still dominate political debate,  well organised pressure groups are begin to show that- at least in some cases- the pen or mobile phone can be mightier than the sword. 

Here in suburban Australia it is the same.  Politicians and journalists are still powerful. On talkback radio and on the internet, however, an articulate pensioner from Balcatta can give the Canberra press gallery a run for their money any day.

If your issue management strategy is solely focussed on the media, you're fighting a losing battle.