Words of wisdom worth repeating

There’s a big difference between knowledge and wisdom.  Wisdom is knowledge informed by experience.

 I’ve just finished reading a book by a bloke called Wally Olins, one of the UK’s leading experts on brand and marketing.

 Sadly, Wally died this year aged 83 but his most recent book Brand New is definitely worth a read.

 Towards the end of the book, Wally reflects on his 50 years in business and records the things he has learned.

 The first two are gems worth repeating.  I won’t try to improve on Wally’s words      

  • However good an organisation looks like from a distance, the closer you get, the more flaws and weaknesses you see.  When you get near enough, you find there are no good organisations.  Internal politics, poor communication, bureaucracy and petty-mindedness exist absolutely everywhere.
  • Whereever there’s stronog, committed leadership, a branding programme will take root and become an intrinsic part of the institutional fabric.  Where there isn’t, it will gradually disintegrate and all the organisation will be left with is an empty shell.

 Wise words from a wiseman…thanks Wally.  Wally Olins, Brand New is published by Thames and Hudson.  Thanks to Neil Cullingford who lent me the book and Ronnie Duncan from Meerkats who recommended it.