Want to see true brand leadership? Here it is...

If you want to see an example of best practice brand and reputation management then forget about the big and brash brands like Virgin and Coca Cola.

 Instead, take a look at a company here in Australia, Beechworth Honey.

 Right now they are illustrating what brand leadership really means and, above all else, putting on show the value of authenticity, honesty and having an open conversation with your customers.

 Let me explain.  Most of us are aware that Australia has been through a long period of harsh weather – especially searing hot summers that have seen bushfires wreak havoc across the country.

 One of the lesser-known consequences of that has been the devastation of those little critters who we rely on to supply honey – bees.  Less bees naturally means less honey and when you’ve built a business on the sweet and sticky substance, that’s a bit of a problem.

 The response of Beechworth Honey shows that they understand what building a brand really means. In effect, they’ve ‘fessed up to the harsh reality that there is going to be less of their product available for a while.  And, rather than compromise their core product offering by importing honey from overseas, they’ve simply advised their customers and, in effect, empowered them with information.

 You can read their communication in full here: http://www.beechworthhoney.com.au/honey_shortage.html