My secret weekend confession...

I am about to “come out”.  I’m a little nervous because I suspect one or two of my acquaintances will be quite shocked…some may even refuse to be seen in public with me again.

I know it is kind of weird – a grown up man and all that.  But…here goes: I like going to McDonalds.  Or more specifically, I like going to the McCafe up the road from where I live on weekends.  I should point out that I love my weekday morning café place…it is my 7.30am sanctuary.

My faux dramatics are really to make a point.  There’s a reason people like me like McDonalds.  The staff are generally friendly, the service is fast and the product is generally pretty okay.  (It is not as good as my weekday regular hangout…)

Often in the rush to condemn McDonalds as the epitome of all that is evil in this mass market, globalised world, people, especially people in business don’t stop to think: Why have these guys been so successful?

Whole books have probably been written on the subject – I am an accidental marketer with no formal qualification so I’ve never actually ready any.

From where I sit this is why McDonalds has done so incredibly well.  They’ve created a business which offers what a very large chunk of people want AND they’ve used words, colours and symbols to make themselves stand out like a lighthouse along just about every major highway or city street in the world.  That’s called branding, in case you were wondering.  That’s really what business is in a nutshell: Identify a need or desire of humans, create a solution and make it shine like a beacon. 

Yes, you could write a book about it.  But, in the end, business is really not that complicated.  I’m lovin it.  I'm off to therapy now.