The biggest anomaly in business today

Anomaly: a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form.Synonyms: abnormalityexceptionpeculiarity.

One of the anomalies of business in the 21st century is how the jobs with the most capability to damage relationships with customers; or conversely deliver the most value, are given to the lowest paid and least engaged.

Think about it.  I am going to guess that at least 50% of poor customer experiences (and I reckon I am grossly underestimating) occur as a result of an interaction with a call centre.  You know the people you ring when you need to do business with the company that provides your phone service, your banking or these days just about anything else.

Call centres are now core to service delivery for most companies worldwide with the most recent trend being to base them in a country where wages are lowest and the people serving your customers are about as distant as it is possible to be!

Weird then that companies spend millions trying to keep their customers happy.  While the CEO flies business class and gets paid millions, the people with the greatest impact on customer are earning the least and generally doing a job that is considered the lowest of the low.

Imagine if this trend was reversed.  If we decided to recruit the brightest and the most engaged people to serve the customer; if we incentivised high performers with wages to match.  Hey, I started out as CEO but finally I made it right to the top: I serve customers in the call centre! 

Okay, okay.  I'm hearing that famous quote from the Aussie movie The Castle: Tell him he's dreaming'…