Honey pot PR

I’m not a big fan of the journo stalkers or the phone ranters, even less so the pushy PR madams and misters who use fear and intimidation to push their line to editors and reporters.

For me the best results come when your potential news item sells itself on the basis that it’s…interesting.  Hey, now there’s a novel concept!

That’s why great PR people immerse themselves in their client’s business and seek out the unique and interesting content that lurks in the corner cupboard just waiting for its day in the sun.

That’s one of advantage of having spent a few years in the news game.  It is also about capacity to turn what might be dull and turgid facts and figures into relevant information that makes the story come alive. 

Behind every bunch of statistics there are stories waiting to be written.  The art of great PR is shining the torch in that dusty cupboard and helping the newsmakers do what they do best – expose! Cleaned out your office cupboard recently? There might be a hidden PR honey pot: I can hear the buzz starting already...