Is your PR team a cost centre or a profit centre?

If you really want to rate the success of most PR and marketing teams just ask the Chief Financial Officer. 

Sounds a bit odd doesn’t it?   But there is method to my madness. 

Talk to internal PR and marketing teams and you will often hear a common lament about their struggle to win respect within the broader business.

The degree of respect and belief tends to be revealed at budget time when decisions are made on what money is on the table for the year ahead.  And while money isn’t the answer to everything in driving forward your communication strategy, it costs money to build a brand and change consumer and stakeholder perception. 

For me the ultimate objective of every internal communications function, whether that be in PR or marketing should be to be seen as a profit centre rather than a cost centre. 

This comes back to the need for your communication strategy to be locked into your business or organisational strategy.  Obviously for Government departments it is not so much about profit but value.  Your performance will ultimately be judged on the value you are recognised as bringing toyou’re your organisation in achieving its objectives.  Remarkably while many PR and Marketing teams spend their days advising other people how to increase their reputation, they are often very poor when it comes to building and maintaining their own.  Food for thought in these hard times.