Is this the ultimate marketing success story?

On a quick trip into the country I popped into a petrol station to fill up my car and grab a bottle of water.

As it turned out they had "a deal"  (they always seem to have a deal)…on water.  Why buy one bottle for $3 when I could have two for $4.50?

As I drove away it hit me like a brick. What? Paying $4.50 for water in a country with arguably the cleanest water supply in the whole world!  I could have filled up a bottle at home for practically nothing.

Wow, what an amazing piece of marketing…selling me a commodity that costs a few cents for more than $4!  Of course, it is the convenience.  I am lazy, I could have just thought ahead and avoided the expense. 

But therein lies the trick and perhaps the ultimate proof of what great marketing is about: The capacity to convince a consumer to part with hard earned cash for a commodity they already have and pay 10-20 times the price!  Once again, it proves to me that product promotion is so much more about emotion rather than logic and rational thinking.  What is the commodity in which marketers trade?: Surely it is perception.  The equation in this case?: (H20 – Costs) x Perception = profit.