Advertising that really works

They are without doubt the dullest advertisements in the daily newspaper, but I reckon they are the most effective in driving forward an organisation’s brand:

  • Public Notice - Browntown Council.  Roadworks this weekend, please be aware of delays.  
  • Public Notice: Big Bank Pty Ltd: Delays possible while we upgrade security systems.
  • Public notice: Bonza Brands Dept Stores: Staff training this week across all our stores, please say hi to our new trainees.

You’ll see them dotted around your Saturday paper, often only a couple of columns wide and 10 centimetres tall.

So why do I think they are so effective?  Simply because they are making people aware of concrete actions – as opposed to the usual province of advertising: empty words and promises.

In a world where consumers are increasingly cynical of companies using advertising, these kinds of ads stand apart.  They illustrate action and I think that is exactly what people want to see from companies, organisations and governments. 

Word-based advertising is easy.  Telling me what you could, would or should do is very nice.  But when I see this kind of advertising it tells me what you are doing right now.  Changes you are making, actions you are taking, improvements you are shaping.  Deep down in the psyche where people determine if a company or organisation is worthy of their support, I suspect these ads represent amazing long-term value and powerful brand-builders.  After all, mother was right: Actions speak louder