Why video needs to be part of your communication mix

Narcotic. A drug (as in opium or morphine) that in moderate doses dulls the senses, relieves pain, and induces profound sleep but excessive cases causes stupor...

What is the most powerful drug in the world? I’m guessing you’re probably thinking heroin or perhaps amphetamines – a wretched curse for those who get addicted. I would argue that THE most powerful drug in the world is television. Think about it: every day and night, billions of us have to get our fix – I know I do…I LOVE TV – it’s great. One of my friends even nick-named me TV John – after the beloved character in the TV show Hamish Macbeth.

It is little wonder then that video content is quickly becoming the biggest thing on the Internet. It is why You Tube is the second biggest social media site in Australia. There are predictions that within in a short period of time video will make up 90% of all the content on the World Wide Web.

That’s why I believe companies who want to connect with audiences – in particular – internal audiences – need to consider the use of video as a critical part of the communication mix. There is something about TV that just works for human beings. It is especially powerful for companies with geographically diverse employee populations – giving the managing director the chance to personally talk to everyone. And that is the wonderful potential of video: It can be incredibly intimate. It let’s us see the face and hear the emotion in the voice, we can see the mannerisms that bring personality into the conversation.

If you don’t believe me, check out the link below. It’s a powerful presentation from the folk at TED about why video is fast becoming King of online comm’s. Now where’s that remote…

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