Just the facts Ma’am…










Seen one of these around your office recently?  Believe me – every company needs one.

It’s a bull-dust meter.

Okay, I’m lying – how could you tell? For those of you who are more technically minded, yep – you win the prize: It’s actually a Geiger counter.

But I reckon everyone helping their company to drive better relationships with customers and other key stakeholders needs one of these.

I think it was Sergeant Friday on the crime series, Dragnet who coined the phrase that lies at the heart of all great issue management: “Just the facts ma’am.”

There are times for every company when things will go wrong; foul ups will occur, the ball will get dropped. When this happens the critical foundation for recovery is truthfulness.

I think most people have an inbuilt bull-dust meter anyway. Don’t deceive yourself: they KNOW when someone is being cute with the truth … and it does nothing but damage relationships and undermine trust. So next time you’re confronted with needing to communicate in a crisis, remember to dust off the bull-dust meter.

Just the facts Ma’am.