JLCA is the evolution of John Le Cras + Associates, established in 2011 by director John Le Cras.

In an increasingly fragmented, convoluted and technology-dependent world, one way of thinking just won’t cut it. Finding effective communication solutions calls for a different approach. At JLCA, we call it Myriad Thinking.

We’ve assembled a team of consultants from a range of disciplines that finds solutions by approaching issues from a number of different angles. 

Myriad Thinking is how we have helped leading companies successfully deal with the complex communication challenges of today. 

It’s how we work to help yours. 

Relationship is the critical word for me because I believe companies that succeed are those that treat their customers and partners with respect, compassion and understanding. For me corporate relationships are governed by the same principles as personal relationships because people relate best to people, not corporations.
— John Le Cras, Director